About us

Background – Susmita started her travel journey almost ten years back, and since then, she has travelled to several countries. Susmita travelled to non-touristy places and travelled very extensively in different countries. She experienced life on the roads, stayed in houses of unknown people, tried street foods, got a lift to travel from one city to another, and enjoyed her journey as a traveller but not a tourist. Her unique way of travelling attracted many others, and unknowingly she inspired many to start their journey and to get the courage to take that first step to start travelling. For obvious reasons, she started getting queries from many people who wanted to travel. The questions started pouring in from various segments of people. The cluster includes aspiring solo female travellers, retired and senior citizens, families with little kids, and a group of female friends who want to travel differently. She realised that she had inspired many people to fall in love with her hobby of travelling. Now it is her time to give back to society. Can she help people travelling? Can she help kids learn something new while travelling with their parents? Answers to all questions lead to one goal launching her own travel business – ‘Travel With Susmita’ Inception – ‘Travel With Susmita’ was launched and announced digitally on 12th August 2022 through social channels like Facebook and Instagram. As the ‘Travel With Susmita’ community is steadily growing, we have extended and strengthened our presence across digital platforms and launched our website – www.travelwithsusmita.com.

Uniqueness – Travel With Susmita is a steadily growing community of Travel Lovers and Travellers. This community is Of The Travellers, For The Travellers, By The Travellers. In TWS, we will travel for ourselves and with a responsible approach towards our society and nature. When you ‘Travel With Susmita’, we will learn and grow together to know various countries and their cultures, and with our learnings, we will enlighten people with the positive things we will collect from our various journeys. We will dare to go places not listed on any other holiday list. Members of ‘Travel With Susmita’ may be found gazing at the stars from a Moroccan desert, fishing from the raft on the Amazon, and chasing volcanic eruptions in Iceland. The list is endless, just like your imagination. You imagine your adventure; we will make it happen as we travel together. We will travel to gather experiences, collect memories from around the world, and inspire people with our travel stories. It’s time to build up your travel stories. Let the journey begin!

Mission and Vision

The mission of Travel With Susmita’ is to enhance the thoughts of travelling and exploration remaining in one’s capacity and, by travelling, ensure cultural exchange, sustainable travel, and the protection of nature and the environment. The vision of ‘Travel With Susmita’ is to bring social, health, education, gender, environmental, and economic benefits.