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Adventure & Activities

Trekking, Hiking in Indian Himalayas or Nepal Himalayas. Our renowned experts will guide you and teach you to learn and achieve your dream.

Do you feel an adrenaline rush in your gut? Do you love challenging yourself? Do you love to push yourself to the limits? If yes, Adventure Travel should be on your bucket list.

If travelling means challenging yourself for endurance testing, getting the blood pumping high, burning calories or endorphins running wild, then you are an adventure lover. Mountains and muddy trails are waiting for you, and you must go! Only adventurers can see a sunrise from a remote mountaintop or reach a place many can’t go.

Begin your journey here and create your own adventure stories.


Bird-watching Trips

Are you an avid birder? Let’s travel together and spot the red, yellow, and blue! What is your favourite Birding Destination? We are ready to go.

There is nothing cuter than watching a tiny little Crimson Sunbird hopping from one flower to another and very busy collecting honey. Or have you ever noticed that night owl howling in the jungle and conveying a message to all?

If spotting different bird species in their natural habitats excites you, you are a bird lover. If you love listening patiently to bird calls, you are a bird lover. If your round table discussions are on different bird species and you are always worried about the extinction of many beautiful birds, then you are an avid bird lover. Let’s not delay; raise awareness to save these beautiful creatures


Cultural Trips

Walking around The Berlin Wall in Germany, Moscow Kremlin in Russia, or the ancient Gauda Cheese Market in Holland. No matter what you love, we love to be with you.

Andrew Zimmern rightly said, “Please be a traveller, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in.”

If you want to know more about the ancient Buddhist Kingdom of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura and want to see the ruins and remnants of the ancient kingdom, nothing is better than taking a cultural trip.

If the vibes of a local market in a different country excite you and you are always ready to visit the local vendors, negotiate to buy local fish or prepare to enter the narrowest lane of the market, pushing other locals and wanting to bite the local cutlet. In that case, we bet you are enjoying your travel spirit.

Have you ever been to the Luang Prabang Night market or wanted to visit Greenbazaar in Kazakhstan? Have you ever wanted to see the Golden Temples of Amritsar or Rajasthan? Just don’t go places to discover new places but find yourself by immersing yourself in ne


Interest-Based Trips

Fancy a luxurious Wine Tour and Tasting in Australia, a luxurious Rhine River Cruise in Germany, or a street-food invasion trip in The City of Joy – Kolkata? Your dream is our ambition.

To travel, you do not need to be perfect. To explore the world, you do not have to be a saint. You only have to want to live a life that’s full and true. To rise up, to greet your own unique destiny. Create that destiny with your interest. Paint your life with your colours.

Colours of Northern lights, colours of the midnight sun in the Arctic, or paint it with the autumn colour palette of Kashmir valley. Go on a romantic trip for grape stomping in Tuscany, or a bicycling tour in the tulip gardens of Holland, or just walk along the cobble streets of Pompeii, only to feel what happened to – The Last Days of Pompeii. Don’t forget to carry the book itself.

Or are you a gastronomy lover seeking travel experiences with local flavours? What are your travel interests?


Road Trips

Scenic Road trip in Sri Lanka, Mountain Road trip in Bhutan or Silk Road Trip in Kazakhstan; dream big, dream a road trip!

Who doesn’t imagine a month-long road trip? In our life, we all dreamed of an ideal road trip. Whenever we think about a road trip, we only visualise a long, lonely, and endless road stretched towards the vast horizon. Road trips bring the essence of ultimate freedom. From freedom, we gain power—the power of self-control. Road trips can be powerful; Road trips can be romantic, and they can elevate your self-consciousness.

Road trips can do wonders.

It can take you to places where you can barely find a road, but you might find yourself with pride in achievement. A well-planned road trip can help you see places where human and natural worlds may mix well. A road trip can be a lazy trip where nothing is in a hurry, and time stops when you stop.

A road trip can make you strong or let you assess your strengths. It can allow you to fall in love with yourself, nature, or the surroundings. No matter your life’s goal, every traveller should take a road trip once in a lifetime.

Roads are there-plenty of them.


Train Journeys

Trans-Siberian Railway, Colombo to Badulla Scenic Train journey, Luxurious GHAN Trip in Australia or Stockholm to Oslo in Train, you name it, we are here to make it. We love train journeys. There is something exceptional about any train journey. It gives us immense happiness, and we mostly like hanging between two places and between the two stations where one starts the journey and the other station where the journey ends. There is no anxiety at all. Everything is taken care of, and all the stress is blown off with the whistles of the speeding train. Who doesn’t love staring outside the train window and immersing themselves in the rumbling, hissing, screeching, or chugging sound of a train? Train journeys are an artistic way of being lazy or enjoying laziness with no guilt. It’s an incredible pleasure to talk to absolute strangers and sometimes share food and your life story with them. They are all your friends, and they are ready to hear anything to everything from you. A train is a small world. Explore this world, and rediscover yourself!


Cycling Trips

Cycling trips, cycling holidays, and bikepacking are great ways to see the world and exercise. They can be as short or as long as you want, and you can travel alone or with a group. If you’re new to cycling, plenty of tours are available that cater to beginners. And if you’re looking for a challenge, plenty of routes will test your endurance.

No matter your experience level, cycling trips are a great way to explore new places and meet new people. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next cycling adventure today!

You can have a safe and enjoyable cycling trip with a little planning. So get out there and explore the world on two wheels! Check out our exciting Vietnam Cycling Trip: Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, and prepare for an unforgettable Cycling Holiday.