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1. What is ‘Travel With Susmita’?

‘Travel With Susmita’ in short, also known as ‘TWS’. By mentioning ‘TWS’ in our documents, we will refer to ‘Travel With Susmita’. ‘Travel With Susmita’ is a sole proprietary-based business with Trade Licence Certificate No. 0917P29092317748. The ‘Travel With Susmita’ will cater to the travel and tourism segment, and Ms Susmita Mukhopadhay solely owns the business.

2. Who is Susmita?

Susmita, or Ms Susmita Mukhopadhyay, was a professional marketer and leader and worked for various organisations for 15 years. Susmita is an avid traveller. She has travelled to Nepal five times for high-altitude trekking, went to Russia twice, Azerbaijan, and then travelled solo across Kazakstan, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Australia.

3. What is the motto behind ‘Travel With Susmita’?

‘Travel With Susmita’ – ‘travel model’ and the related ‘business model’ are around learning about love across cultures through real and personal stories of people from different societies and countries. Over time such a community will grow, and our business will grow and bring social, environmental, health, education, gender, technology, economic benefits and more. 

4. Does ‘Travel With Susmita’ have a booking office I can attend instead of calling / online?

‘Travel With Susmita’ does not have a face-to-face booking office. To maintain fewer people and social distancing, we encourage work-from-anywhere mode to operate our business. We strongly recommend reaching out to our Travel Help Line at +918293158907 (available from 10:30 AM till 4:30 PM IST) or visiting the website https://www.travelwithsusmita.com/ for any bookings or enquiries.

5. Does Travel With Susmita have any other brand or operational name?

‘Travel With Susmita’ with Trade Licence Certificate No. 0917P29092317748 has been launched by its owner Ms Susmita Mukhopadhyay under the sole proprietorship business and has no other brand or operational name. ‘Travel With Susmita’ has no branch office or physical office location.

6. Can I get an invoice after purchasing any service from ‘Travel With Susmita’?

Yes, if you book any tour from ‘Travel With Susmita’, you will receive a Booking receipt, and at the end of the total payment, you will also receive an invoice for the respective tour programme.

7. Can I see a price breakdown upon booking?

We do not provide an itemised breakdown except for our contribution to any social campaign and service fees of ‘Travel With Susmita’. Our trip plans are well-researched and planned with our local travel partners. We want to respect our travel partners and local travel experts at competitive prices.

8. Do you provide Flight Tickets booking facilities?

‘Travel With Susmita’ directly does not provide flight ticket booking facilities. Still, on special request, we can provide ticket booking services as we proudly tied up with the IATA-approved company to provide additional facilities to our valued clients.

9. Does Susmita be present on the tour programmes?

‘Travel With Susmita’ is the name of the business and brand. This brand name does not entail Susmita’s presence in any of the trips that customers are buying. But Susmita loves to travel and will present on some of the unique trips depending on their demand and complexities. However, to present or not present on any trip solely depends on Susmita’s or the company’s sole discretion.

10. How does ‘Travel With Susmita’ differ from any other travel agents?

Susmita is an experienced traveller and travelled across many countries. She has ideas about travelling and the pros and cons of travelling. By launching ‘Travel With Susmita, ’ she wants to inspire others to travel for goodness. With her reach experiences, she has built a strong network with several local travel experts, which she wants to materialise to help others travel stress-free. You will not book a trip or tour plan through ‘Travel With Susmita’, but we would like you to buy experiences under direct consultation and suggestions from Susmita. We want you to become a traveller. With a true sense of travelling, enjoy the essence of freedom, see the beauty of nature and experience various cultures and ethnicities. While returning from your travel journey, you must come back with many enriching experiences, enlighten others, and return positive feelings to society. ‘Travel With Susmita’ is not just another travel agency but a platform for all aspiring travellers to join and get inspired to travel and spread the good vibes only. In the process, we are here to make you travel happily and stress-free.

11. How does the personalised trip booking process work?

To ensure a seamless experience tailored to your preferences, we require an advance payment of INR 6000 for working on any personalised itinerary. This amount covers our efforts in curating a unique travel plan for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Initial Consultation: We’ll discuss your travel preferences, interests, and requirements.
  • Advance Payment: Once we know your travel preferences, we request an advance payment of INR 6000. This amount covers the time and resources invested in creating your customised trip.
  • Customised Itinerary Creation: Our expert team will diligently work on crafting a personalised itinerary that aligns with your preferences, including accommodation, transportation, activities, and more.
  • Booking Confirmation: If you decide to book the trip through us, the INR 6000 advance payment will be adjusted against the total cost of your trip. Your place will be booked and reserved for a certain period, and we will confirm the next payment schedule to confirm your entire trip. We urge you to adhere to the payment schedule to ensure 100% trip confirmation. Otherwise, your trip might be subject to cancellation.
  • Non-Refundable Advance: If you choose not to proceed with the booking or make independent arrangements, the advance payment of INR 6000 will be non-refundable.

This advance payment ensures our commitment to delivering a personalised travel experience tailored to your preferences.

12. What Is the Timeline for Receiving Hotel and Accommodation Details After Booking?

  • Q: How soon after booking will I receive information about my hotel or accommodation?
    A: Immediately after booking, we’ll acknowledge your reservation and provide a summary of your trip.
  • Q: When will I receive the final details of my accommodation?
    A: You can expect to receive the final details of your accommodation, including the hotel name, location, room type, and amenities, about one month before your departure. This ensures everything is perfectly in place for your trip.
  • Q: Will I be updated if there are any changes to my accommodation details?
    A: Absolutely! We reconfirm all bookings about two weeks before your departure and will communicate any updates or changes immediately. Our goal is to ensure a seamless travel experience for you.
  • Q: Is there a final confirmation that I should expect before my trip?
    A: Yes, one week before your departure, we will send you a final itinerary that includes all your travel details, including accommodation, along with any last-minute tips and reminders.
  • Q: What should I do if I need more information about my hotel or accommodation?
    A: We are always here to help! If you need more information or have specific requests about your hotel or accommodation, feel free to contact us through our website or the contact information provided in your booking confirmation email.