Trans-Siberian Railway Tour – An Epic Train Journey across Russia


Trans-Siberian Railway – The world’s longest Railway line crossing 9,289 KM from Moscow to the far east Russian city of Vladivostok. It also covers the record eight time zones. It takes eight continuous days to travel across Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok.

It is one of the world’s most adventurous train journeys and is on the bucket list of almost all travellers. The unique fact about the Trans-Siberian Railway journey is that it passes through two continents, Europe and Asia, and crosses Eurasia. This train journey also gives you easy access to the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake: Lake Baikal.

You can continue the journey on your voyage without any stopovers or stop at various cities or even in unknown Russian villages. It allows you to see the whole of Russia through a train window. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of the countryside as you cross through the vast green plains of Siberia. And experience the enigmatic and ancient Taiga forest of larch and birch trees as far as your eyes can see. Far away at the horizon line, the breathtaking Ural Mountains will lure you and will captivate your sight. As you make your train journey more comfortable, you will get to mingle with the friendly Russian locals as your co-passengers. It also allows travellers to get the essence of Mongolian & Chinese culture as trains proceed towards the far eastern regions of Russia.

Here is the unique itinerary created and followed by Susmita on her epic Trans-Siberian Train Journey. She took time to see Russia and know the country best possible way by stopping and staying in various historic cities.

Hop onboard the train, create your unique travel story on a Trans-Siberian journey, and get a lifetime experience.


  • Day 1:

    Arrival at Moscow International Airport. Greetings by TWS representative in Russia and transfer to hotel in Moscow. Enjoy your welcome dinner. Overnight stay in Moscow.

  • Day 2:

    After breakfast at the hotel, you can explore the Historic city of Moscow, one of the most vibrant cities on the planet. The places to see – Red Square, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Peter the Great Statue, The House on the Embankment, Novodevichy Convent, Moscow State University, Sparrow Hills, Poklonnaya Hill, Triumphal arch, Kutuzovsky Avenue, New Arbat Avenue, Boulevard Ring, Manezhnaya Square, Theatre Square, Tverskaya Street, Pushkinskaya Square.

  • Day 3:

    After breakfast at the hotel, check out from the hotel. You can take a tour of the Kremlin and the Churches. After visiting the Kremlin and the Churches, depart for the railway station. Board your train at the famous Moscow Railway station to Kazan.

  • Day 4:

    Morning arrival to Kazan. Transfer to the hotel—Check in as per the scheduled time.

    After the check-in, an exciting guided tour to Kazan city awaits you. The Territory of the Old-Tatar settlement, K. Marx str., M. Gorky str., A. Pushkin str. Cloth settlement (18th century), the puppet theatre and the traditional Tatar village. After this, visit the stunning viewing point, where you can see the stadium “Kazan Arena”. Visit St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, built in honour of the celebration of the anniversary of Emperor Peter I. Visit the Kazan Bogoroditsky Monastery. Walking tour of the Old-Tatar Sloboda and familiarity with the culture, way of life and cuisine of the Kazan Tatars. Visit the oldest mosque in Al-Mardzhani.

    After the first half of your guided tour, have lunch at the Old-Tatar settlement cafe.

    Visit the Master-class of national cuisine at the Chak-chak museum. Take a master class from the Tatar masters and learn how to prepare the national sweet “Chak-Chak”, and you will taste your cooked “Chak-Chak” with a cup of fragrant Tatar tea!

    After the Master-class, you will have a walking tour around the territory of the Kazan Kremlin. Kazan Kremlin – Tatar white-stone fortress is the most northern point of the spread of Islamic culture worldwide. The Kazan Kremlin was declared a world heritage site in 2000. Here you will see the world-famous and one of the most beautiful mosques in Russia, Kul Sharif, one of the largest mosques. Visit the famous falling tower Syuyumbike, which includes the world’s tenth most renowned falling towers, the oldest tombs of the Khans and the residence of the President of Tatarstan. Spend the evening at your leisure.

  • Day 5:

    After breakfast, check out from the hotel, and you have some free time to spend as per your desire before boarding the train to Yekaterinburg.

    Overnight at train. Enjoy your time with local Russians, or just sleep as the train passes by the Siberian areas.

  • Day 6:

    Arrival at Yekaterinburg. Transfer to the hotel and check-in.

    A guided tour will take you to the famous dam of the 18th century, the bizarre mansion of the merchant Sevastyanov, the famous Temple on the Blood, the mysterious manor of Rastorguev-Kharitonov, and the romantic Literary Quarter. The excursion ends with a visit to the viewing platform of the skyscraper “Vysotsky”. In any weather here, you can look at the city from the height of a bird’s flight. Spend the evening at your leisure.

  • Day 7:

    After breakfast, check out from the hotel, and you have some free time to spend as per your desire before boarding the train to Novosibirsk. Overnight at train.

  • Day 8:

    Arrival in Novosibirsk. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in. Free time in Novosibirsk. Spend your time as you wish.

  • Day 9:

    After breakfast, check out from the hotel. (Keep your luggage in the hotel)

    Your morning excursion starts with a visit to the NSU, House of Scientists of the SB RAS building, the cottages of academicians, a monument to MA Lavrentiev, research institutes, a laboratory mouse monument, and a technopark building.

    Church in the name of Archangel Michael. Passage along the new Bugrinsky bridge across the Ob and the CIS arched passage. The highest place in Novosibirsk is the Kamyshen plateau. Monument to Alexander Pokryshkin.

    Architectural ensemble Sq. Lenin: the Opera and Ballet Theater, Pervomaisky Square, the centre of the Russian Empire, the building of the city trade building, the Bulgarian House, the Siberian Compound. The establishment of a commercial meeting. Ascension Cathedral, Naryn Square, Pyotr and Fevronia Pyatyonnik, House of Officers. Place of the foundation of Novosibirsk, a monument to Alexander III, embankment of the Ob River, the longest metro bridge. The first stone building of Novonikolaevsk, the Real School of the Romanov House, the house of the merchant Mashtakov, and the building “Batman”. Enjoy your free time in the evening at Novosibirsk. At night board your train to Irkutsk.

  • Day 10:

    An entire day on the train, cutting across the vast Siberia and experiencing the most scenic views of Russia.

  • Day 11:

    Arrival at Irkutsk. Our guide will pick you up from the Irkutsk Train Station, and you will have an excellent road trip to Lake Baikal. On your way, enjoy the scenery and make short stopovers to admire the natural beauty. By late afternoon you will reach the small village named Listvyanka, situated at the shore of Lake Baikal. Check-in to hotel. If weather permits, enjoy an excellent sunset on the coast of Lake Baikal. Overnight stay at Listvyanka.

  • Day 12:

    In the morning, our guide will take you to the surrounding areas and viewpoints of Listvyanka. You will learn about the unique flora and fauna that make the place unique and precious.

  • Day 13:

    Explore Listvyanka and the local village market. The captivating beauty of this Siberian village will hold you back, and you may like to stay there forever. Try smoked Baikal Omul at the local fish market. You can also enjoy a scenic boat ride on Lake Baikal.

  • Day 14:

    On this day, you will embark on another famous train journey which will run across Lake Baikal and reach Irkutsk. You will bid farewell to your guide here and make your way to the hotel. Enjoy your free time in the evening at Irkutsk.

  • Day 15:

    Morning train to Ulan-Ude. By afternoon arrive at Ulan-Ude. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in. Free time in Ulan-Ude.

  • Day 16:

    After breakfast at the hotel, a day-long excursion is arranged for you today. The Historical Museum of Buryatia (exhibitions “Ulan-Ude in the centuries” and “Treasures” Buddhist teachings “) and departure to the Ivolginsky datsan. A guided tour of the Hunnish ancient settlement. Culture-tiled tombs, cavescourts. Then, we excursion to the Ivolginsky datsanu and have local Lunch. After lunch, we return to the city of Ulan-Ude.

    Our afternoon excursion will start here. City tour of the Square of the Soviets, Lenin monument, Theatre square, Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, The Arc de Triomphe – “The Royal Gates.” Ulgar’s puppet theatre. Sculpture near the building of Sberbank “Verkhneudinsk merchant Evsey Lukich.” The coat of arms of Verkhneudinsk: the rod of the God of trade is Mercury. Little Arbat Merchant Verkhneudinsk, Kapelman’s house. Monument to Chekhov. By evening, return to Ulan-Ude and end the guided tour.

  • Day 17:

    After breakfast, check out from the hotel. Train to Vladivostok. Once again, you are back on the Trans-Siberian Rail track. Enjoy the most of it.

  • Day 18:

    You will spend the entire day on the train. Enjoy the most scenic views of Russia and its countryside through your train window as the train passes by.

  • Day 19:

    An entire day on the train, and your journey continues.

  • Day 20:

    Arrival at Vladivostok. Transfer to the hotel. Check-in. Free time in Vladivostok.

    You can take a self-guided walking tour in the afternoon – a unique quarter of Millionka. The only Chinese quarter preserved in Russia will reveal its secrets, as well as tell the story of the foundation of Vladivostok. You can take an automobile excursion to Russky Island with a visit to the Voroshilov battery and Fr. Russian.

  • Day 21:

    After breakfast, explore Vladivostok as you wish. A recommended site is the marine excursion “Lighthouses of Vladivostok” – a passage through the Sea Gate of the city, acquaintance with the island of the lighthouse.

  • Day 22:

    Today is the rest day for you. Take your time slowly, and enjoy your time as you wish.

  • Day 23:

    Flight back to Moscow to your Home Country.

    PS – This itinerary is subject to change depending on the train timings in Russia and availability.

Trans-Siberian Railway Tour – An Epic Train Journey across Russia

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