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The Chronicles of Laos – Episode II – Crossing Lao-Thai Border

Finally, I crossed the Nong Khai Border and the Mekong River and landed in a new country called Laos. At that moment, I could not believe I finally did it, and I added one more country to my travel list. Laos was the 12th country that I was going to travel to for two weeks.

Once I got off the bus which brought us from the Thailand side to Laos, I entered a whole new chaotic world. Lots of people across. Some are probably Thai people; some are Lao people; some are western tourists, border police, uniformed security guards and there you go, one Indian woman! Visibly distinct from all the other people. Neither I look like a western female tourist nor a Thai or Lao person. My army-printed Russian Backpacks and I both were distinguishably visible.

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The Chronicles of Laos – Episode I – Getting Ready

I landed in Laos with no prior experience of this side of the world and no suggestions regarding this country from any other traveller or explorer; I neither bought a travel guidebook to learn more about Laos. I just wanted to travel to Southeast Asian countries or the other side of the world. I checked cheap flight tickets to travel to Southeast Asian countries, allowing VISA on arrival or e-visa to Indian Passport holders. Lastly, the nations that lifted COVID-19-related travel restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers.

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Journey to Annapurna Foothills: My First Trek and Overseas Adventure

In 2012, I took a leap of faith, leaving the familiar comforts of home for a journey that would redefine my understanding of adventure. My maiden voyage into the heart of the Himalayas wasn’t just an expedition; it was an awakening, an odyssey both within and without. The Annapurna Foothills beckoned with their breathtaking vistas and challenging terrains, promising a dance between nature’s grandeur and personal introspection. As I navigated the undulating paths, trailing behind seasoned trekkers, every strained breath and weary step was a testament to resilience. From the vibrant Pokhara marketplace to the ethereal glow of dawn painting the peaks, my first trek was an intimate embrace of the world’s wonders and a reminder of the endless possibilities that await when one dares to venture beyond the known. This chronicle is more than a travelogue; it’s an ode to firsts, to the Himalayas, and to the transformative power of journeying into the unknown.

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