Explore Europe with Eurail: My Summer Adventure

Explore Europe with Eurail: My Summer Adventure

Explore Europe with Eurail! Have you heard about this?

You must have heard about Eurailing in Europe or seen emails or news on this concept. But probably, you have not heard the actual story from someone who has experienced it. Well, today I will tell you my Eurailing story across the country, Netherlands and Germany.

Embarking on a summer journey through Europe is a dream for many travellers, and one of the best ways to make the most of your experience is by using Eurail. My article on ‘Explore Europe with Eurail’ is dedicated to explaining why travelling to Europe on trains, especially on Eurail, is much beneficial for travellers.

Eurail offers a range of convenient and flexible passes that allow you to explore multiple countries seamlessly. In this blog article, I’ll delve into the convenience and facilities offered by Eurail and highlight some of the incredible cities I visited during my journey with the Eurail Global Pass.

Cologne Central Station | Summer Trip to Europe
Cologne Central Station | Summer Trip to Europe

What are Eurail Passes?

“Anyone who lives outside of Europe can travel with Eurail.”

Eurail is for everyone who lives outside Europe and can travel to 33 European countries with one rail pass. Eurail Global Pass allows you to travel to over 33,000 destinations in Europe.

Your Ticket to European Exploration: Eurail Passes

Eurail offers a variety of passes that cater to different travel needs. Whether you’re planning to explore a single country intensively or embark on a multi-country adventure, there’s a pass for you. With Eurail passes, you have the freedom to travel by train throughout Europe, making it an ideal choice for discovering the diverse beauty of the continent. From high-speed trains to scenic routes, Eurail ensures that your journey is convenient and filled with incredible vistas.

Discover Europe by Trains | Eurail
Discover Europe by Trains | Eurail | Travel like Locals

The Eurail Global Pass: Unlimited Possibilities

The Eurail Global Pass is a popular choice for travellers seeking a comprehensive European experience. This pass allows unlimited train travel across participating countries, allowing you to visit a wide range of destinations. By opting for the Eurail Global Pass, you have the freedom to explore not only the Netherlands and Germany, where I travelled, but also other European countries within the pass’s coverage. This pass is perfect for those who wish to embark on an extensive Europe adventure, immersing themselves in the cultures and landscapes of various European nations.

Convenience and Flexibility: The Eurail Advantage

The Eurail Global Pass provides numerous benefits that enhance your European adventure. One of the most significant advantages is the flexibility it offers. With unlimited travel, you have the freedom to create your own itinerary, allowing for spontaneous detours or additional days in your favourite destinations. The convenience of train travel is another major advantage, enabling you to enjoy the picturesque countryside views, avoid long airport security lines, and arrive directly in the heart of the cities you visit. Additionally, its extensive network and frequent train connections ensure that you can explore Europe with Eurail at your own pace.

Hidden Gems of Germany | Eurailing | Summer Europe Trip
Hidden Gems of Germany | Eurailing | Summer Europe Trip | Go less travelled places

Here are some additional details about Eurail facilities and convenience:

  • Eurail passes are available for people of all ages. There are even passes specifically for children and teenagers.
  • Eurail passes can be used on both high-speed and regular trains.
  • Eurail passes are valid for a certain number of days, so you can choose a pass that’s right for the length of your trip.
  • Eurail passes can be used in multiple countries, so you can see as much of Europe as you want.
  • Get access to less travelled cities in Europe and travel like a local and enjoy your time.
  • Eurail passes come with a variety of benefits, such as discounts on accommodation, car rentals, and activities.

If you’re planning a summer trip or any trip in Europe, Eurail is a great way to get around. It gives you the opportunity to see and experience most of Europe on trains. With a Eurail pass, you can relax and enjoy the scenery as you travel from city to city. And, with Eurail’s discounts and benefits, you can save money on your trip. Did I mention that I bought my Eurail Global Pass at a great discounted price?

Now that you know the great things and advantages of Eurail passes, you should know the places I have travelled and enjoyed my summer travel to European countries, The Netherlands and Germany extensively.

Embracing European Summer: Weather and Seasonal Highlights

Travelling through Europe during the summer months provides its own set of advantages. The warm weather allows for pleasant outdoor explorations, from strolling along Amsterdam’s charming streets to hiking in the German Alps. Summer also brings a wealth of vibrant festivals and events, offering an immersive cultural experience. Whether it’s Amsterdam’s Grachtenfestival or Berlin’s Karneval der Kulturen, you can immerse yourself in the lively spirit of European summer.

Enchanting Holland: Exploring the Netherlands

The Netherlands Village | Eurailing | Europe Summer Trip
The Netherlands Village | Eurailing | Europe Summer Trip

My journey commenced in the Netherlands, a country renowned for its charming cities and picturesque landscapes. With the Eurail Global Pass, I seamlessly navigated between captivating destinations. From the vibrant canals of Amsterdam to the modern architecture of Rotterdam, each city offered a unique experience. I also had the opportunity to visit historical gems like The Hague, Utrecht, and the coastal town of Hellevoetsluis, adding a diverse range of experiences to my Dutch adventure. And guess what? I travelled all across these cities extensively in Dutch Rail with my Eurail Global Pass. For my Netherlands Trip details, please follow my itinerary – Two Weeks in The Netherlands by Train – The Land of Tulips Windmills and Say Cheese.

Captivating Germany: A Tapestry of History and Culture

German Landscape | Train Window View | Eurailing
German Landscape | Train Window View | Eurailing

Continuing my Eurail journey, I ventured into Germany, a country brimming with history, culture, and natural beauty. Moreover, the Eurail Global Pass allows me to travel between captivating cities and regions effortlessly. From the bustling streets of Cologne to the cosmopolitan allure of Frankfurt, each destination offered a distinct atmosphere. In Munich, I immersed myself in Bavarian traditions, exploring grand palaces, beer gardens, and renowned museums. My journey also took me to Fussen, where fairytale castles like Neuschwanstein awaited, and to Berlin, a city pulsating with history and creativity. Additionally, I had the opportunity to explore the charming landscapes along the Rhine River in Bonn and Koblenz. And it was an amazing journey to find out the Hidden Gems of Germany.

Travelling by train is a great way to see Europe. You can relax and enjoy the scenery as you travel from city to city. And, because Eurail passes are valid on both high-speed and regular trains, you can choose the type of train that’s right for you.

If you’re travelling in the summer, it’s important to book your Eurail pass in advance. Eurail passes are often sold out during the summer months, so it’s best to get yours as early as possible.

Füssen Railway Station | Europe Trip | Germany
Füssen Railway Station | Europe Trip | Germany

Here are some tips for travelling to European countries in summer using Eurail:

  • Book your Eurail pass in advance.
  • Pack light. As you’ll be doing a lot of walking, so you don’t want to be weighed down by heavy luggage.
  • Bring comfortable shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, so make sure you have shoes that are comfortable and supportive.
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat. The sun can be strong in Europe, so it’s important to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Bring a water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated, especially in hot weather.
  • Be prepared for crowds. European cities can be crowded in the summer, so be prepared for large crowds of people.
  • Take advantage of Eurail’s discounts. Eurail offers discounts on a variety of things, such as accommodation, car rentals, and activities.


Embarking on a summer adventure through Europe with the Eurail Global Pass unlocks a world of convenience and exploration. My journey through the Netherlands and Germany allowed me to experience the diverse beauty and rich cultural heritage of these enchanting countries. From the captivating canals of Amsterdam to the fairytale castles of Fussen and the historic landmarks of Berlin, each destination left an indelible mark on my journey.

My Eurail experience was great. And I hope as you read this far of my blog article – Explore Europe with Eurail, then I must have inspired you to book your Europe trip soon. Don’t forget to tell us about your eurailing story in the comment box.

So, pack your bags, grab your Eurail Pass, and let the magic of Europe unfold before you this summer.

Bon voyage!

Berlin Hauptbahnhof | Berlin Central Station | Europe with Eurail
Berlin Hauptbahnhof | Berlin Central Station | Europe with Eurail

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