Explore Europe with Eurail: My Summer Adventure

Read and learn more about Eurail Pass and its benefits and embark on a summer adventure through Europe with Eurail, a convenient and flexible way to explore multiple countries. Discover the vibrant cities of the Netherlands, from Amsterdam’s canals to Rotterdam’s modern architecture. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Germany visiting Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, and more. Enjoy unlimited train travel, allowing you to create your itinerary and explore.

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Backpacking Europe 2022 | Two Weeks in The Netherlands | Reaching and Exploring Hellevoetsluis

31st December 2021, I resigned from my job.

I left my job after my father’s sudden demise. I left my job and handled the critical situation raised due to my mom’s ill health. But, with God’s grace, once I started spending the whole time with my mom and taking care of her, she recovered well and fast. After a while, she was fine, and life started to normalise. Only then I began to think about how to lead my life differently. I was with no job at that point and had ample opportunity to do something for myself.

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